Branding: Not Just For the Large Law Firms

Branding: Not Just For the Large Law Firms

Many firms, especially small ones, think that branding is only the province of large corporations or huge law firms, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, every law firm—and every solo practice—needs to think about its branding. After all, anyone who has heard of your firm has some kind of opinion about it, whether it’s positive, negative or indifferent. And whether you plan to or not, every time your firm appears in the news, or advertises in a local paper or gets a visitor to its website, you’re helping shape that opinion. Rather than do so haphazardly, you may as well take your time to consider how you want your firm to be perceived, and devise a plan to help you get there. You may as well, in other words, attempt to brand your firm. Here are some tips on how to do so effectively.

1                    What general quality does your law firm have that makes it unique? Before you can start branding, you have to decide what your brand should look be. Is your firm particularly aggressive or discriminating or experienced? Pick an element of your firm that both sets it apart from your competitors and that is something valued by your clients, and find ways to work that aspect of your firm into every interaction with your clients and prospective clients. If you’ve been around for a while without consciously branding your firm, then you should begin by speaking with your clients and asking them a few questions about how they view your firm. This will help you determine how you should approach your branding.

2                    How, specifically, does your firm display that quality? If you decide that your firm is aggressive, for example, how specifically does that aggressiveness manifest itself? Do you settle less often than other firms? Are your legal arguments unexpected and bold? Take those specific examples and be sure that your advertisement, marketing and website copy highlight them. The more effectively you showcase what makes your firm unique, the more your clients and prospective clients will associate your firm with that quality.

3                    What other steps can you take to highlight your brand? For those companies that want to be associated with customer service, for example, their hiring and training practices are all geared towards producing employees gifted at handling customers. They make sure that their contact information is prominently displayed on their website and promotional materials. Their phone system includes redundancies so that they can handle high call volumes. In short, they plan carefully and invest time and money in successfully branding themselves: and your firm needs to do the same thing.

4                    Use the Internet to aid your branding efforts. The Internet is a tremendous tool when it comes to branding. An ever-growing number of new clients find their lawyers through the Internet—a place where a little elbow grease can pay large and inexpensive dividends. Here are two affordable ways to promote your brand

  1. a.      Video directories. These are similar to law firm directories, but instead of a static profile, you can create and upload videos. By being able to present yourself and your firm directly to the client, you’ll be able to brand yourself far more effectively than through text or photography.
  2. b.      Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Tweaking your law firm’s website in order to make it more attractive to search engines like Google and Yahoo! is a great way to increase your firm’s exposure. When you select your search terms, you’ll obviously want to focus on those that relate to your branding strategy.

The ultimate goal of branding is to get consumers to associate your law firm with a particular image or idea or even word. Choosing what you want your brand to be, and then systematically putting these steps into place will go a long way towards achieving that end.

Attorney Ned Ogueri – How to Obtain a green Card

Attorney  Ned Ogueri: In order to be authorized to live and work permanently in the United States even if you are not a Native American citizen, you need to have the so-called permanent resident card or the Green Card which a good immigration lawyer  can help you get. The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) is the body that grants the immigration Green Card. Attorney Ned Ogueri

There are many ways on how you can acquire the Green Card. Some people were granted with the card through the help of family members or employers, which are US citizens. It can also be acquired obtaining an asylum or refugee status. You are eligible if you fall into one of the immigrant categories, have a qualifying immigrant petition, have an immigrant visa, and are admissible to the US. Attorney Zeribe Ned Ogueri

Attorney Ned Ogueri

Attorney Ned Ogueri

Attorney Ned Ogueri

How Attorneys Can Make Their Web Videos Count

If you’re already hosting your videos online and you’re not getting the results you expected, then you might need to adjust your strategy. Online marketing isn’t always intuitive and there are some common mistakes made by law firms. And if you’re just starting the process of shooting them, then be sure to incorporate the tips below into your planning.

  1. Your videos shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. Yes, they’re  useful tools, but they’re most effective in concert with other marketing      campaigns. Work to time the release of your videos with your other      marketing efforts—for example, radio advertisements or print      advertisements. You should also consider about whether some of your      printed materials should reference them.
  2. Don’t fall into the trap of making your videos too  direct. Unless they’re incredibly funny, potential clients don’t go online      to view advertisements; they go online for information about their legal      problems. Instead of giving them a hard sell through your video, why not      give a taste of the kind of advice you’ll provide when you represent them?      They’ll be pleased, and will at a minimum think well of your firm—if not      hire you straight away.
  3. Publicize your new videos. At a minimum, send emails to      your target list and to your media contacts when you upload new videos.      Better yet, work with other websites and blogs to try and get them to link      to—or even host—them as well. The more points of entry you provide for      your videos, the more mileage you’ll get out of them.
  4. Vary the types of videos you use. Instead of having all      your videos feature attorneys speaking directly to the camera, why not use      former clients? Prospective clients love to hear from people who have gone      through the same hardships they have—and come out on the other side      smiling.
  5. Make sure that you have a system in place for tracking      your visitors. While your videos may not have attracted any new leads,      that doesn’t mean that no one’s watching them. Given the low overhead,      simply increasing the traffic to your website and building some brand      recognition is likely enough to provide you a return on your investment.      Obviously, attracting new clients is the end goal, but at least you’ll      know if anything about your current campaign is working—and have a better      idea of how to improve it.
  6. Consider changing the location of your videos. Are they      clearly marked on the homepage of your website? Are they buried at the      bottom of a webpage? Most viewers don’t spend much time on the websites      they visit, and you want to make sure that they see your videos — or at      least that you have them.

By incorporating these tips, your firm can help make the most out of the videos you worked so hard to create. And if yours is one of the shrinking minority of firms that aren’t using online videos, then what are you waiting for?


Online Lawyer Reviews – Are They Really Truthful?

People have been relying on the internet for information about certain things before making a final decision in terms of purchases, availing of services, or even in trusting somebody. Feedbacks and reviews are found almost anywhere in the internet about the credibility of almost anything.

Lawyers are no exceptions to these feedbacks and background checking that people do. Legal cases are highly sensitive so people feel more comfortable in bringing these issues to a lawyer if and only if he has a high ranking in Google, highly recommended by other people, or has good online lawyer reviews.

However, are these online lawyer reviews really truthful? The answer would have to be, “not all the time”. The law industry is really competitive and there are just other people who want to bring down their opposing firm. Besides, everyone is free to write whatever he or she wants on the internet, but it does not mean that the reviews are all true.

What you should do is to find a good website where online lawyer reviews are credible and given by firsthand clients themselves. Here are a few things that you should take into consideration when reading online lawyer reviews:

  • Does the lawyer have good reputation?
  • Is the lawyer responsive to questions and consultation?
  • Is the lawyer available to contact at most times?
  • Is the lawyer recommended by a lot of people?
  • What is the lawyer’s level of experience?
  • Did the lawyer engage in law malpractice?
  • Does the lawyer specialize in similar cases such as yours?
  • Does the lawyer get along well with his clients?

A lot of cases have been filed in the internet due to spread of false information about a lawyer. You should not believe everything you read. Seek help only to those tested and reliable sources to make sure your case does not go to waste.

Do Lawyers Still Need SEO Companies Post Google Panda and Penguin?

The Law industry has been very competitive and people are becoming more wary of scams and frauds to handle their sensitive cases. More clients seek out the help of the internet to check on the quality and credentials of a certain law firm before finally deciding if the firm is worthy of the trust and the money they are going to invest in for their cases.

Google Panda and Google Penguin are two SEO-related updates from Google since 2012. Now, law firms are ranked more properly by strictly enforcing guidelines. Google penalizes and punishes anybody who violates the policies in terms of pushing up the ranking of websites. It is getting more comprehensive, thorough and precise. And this is where SEO companies get in the picture to help lawyers increase their ranking. So if you want your firm to stay on board, it is a must that you work with SEO experts that are very knowledgeable in Google+ Local.

Here are some things that you could do to help the SEO company push your site to a better ranking for your firm:

  • Increase your relationships by only putting up links that are high quality. Exposing your site to low quality links may cause it harm.
  • Never buy links that claim to increase your ranking. Chances are, they’re fake and will do the opposite for your site.
  • Create articles or contents, which are engaging to the readers. It must contain things that you want your clients to read to encourage them more to contact your firm.
  • Don’t be selfish in terms of promotion. Promote other products, firms or services and they will also promote you. If your firm gets a lot of feedback from other sources, it will definitely increase your ranking.

Because of Google Panda and Google Penguin updates, a lot of law firms had their sites closed down. Don’t let yours be a part of them. Contact SEO companies since they will know how to handle proper SEO for your website after Google’s updates.

Edward Snowden NSA Leaks – Am I Being Monitored?

Phones – from telephones to the latest mobile phones – have changed the life of many people today. Phones made it easier for people to connect to their loved ones who are far away or business partners all over the world. The existence of phones has immensely helped communication become easier and lighter today.

On top of that, the internet has also made communication easier by means of electronic messaging or what is popularly known as e-mails. Email providers such as Yahoo! and Gmail backs up many e-mail accounts that people use today. However, the privacy and security of the conversations and messages made since their existence are being shaken because of the National Security Agency Leaks or NSA Leaks spreading on the internet.

Because of the NSA Leaks, many people are now wondering whether their conversations and messages are being monitored and their privacy rights are being violated.

What are these so-called NSA Leaks?

According to some information, circulating the internet today, specifically those leaked by a whistleblower named Edward Snowden, NSA allegedly has intercepted millions of user information from Yahoo! and Google – and this count is for just one day. According to the leaked information, NSA does this each day.

Snowden also exposed that NSA has been monitoring phone calls of about 35 leaders worldwide after they have received their contacts from another United States government official from a different department.

Knowing about these NSA Leaks, people are now growing worried and anxious about their privacy being easily invaded. Many are now feeling insecure about every message that they send or every phone call that they make. There is always this lingering feeling that anything that they may say or type as message can be used against them. So, if you are going to ask, “Am I being monitored?” – well, it is not impossible.

Litigation Funding – When A Solo Lawyer Should Consider One

Funding has always been a great distress for a lot of lawyers, especially those who are taking a solo path on their careers. Litigation funding is one way to take care of it.

Litigation funding is known for a lot of names: legal financing, settlement funding, third party funding, and professional funding. This type of financing enables another company to take care of the litigation expenses in exchange for a few percent share upon settlement or judgment. This mechanism is currently common in a lot of law jurisdictions.

Litigation funding is usually confused with loans. On the outer surface, it does seem like it but unlike loans, you do not have to repay this kind of debt when the case ends as unsuccessful.

When should a solo lawyer consider in getting a litigation funding though?

  • Some cases take years to settle. Litigation funding will help prevent financial disasters.
  • Get litigation funding if the litigant needs to support somebody during the duration of the case. Litigation funding could help support a child or pay a kid to go to college.
  • Litigation funding is mostly encouraged if the litigant needs to improve his health by getting medical procedures to prolong his life.
  • Litigation funding is an option for litigants who do cannot get loans due to bad credit.
  • Litigation funding is open for a lot of people, which means that if a solo lawyer is open for this kind of financing; he has more chances of getting more clients. In addition, more clients mean more cases. More cases to win increase a solo lawyer’s chance to be known in the field.

A lot of people are engaging in litigation funding to help them in their lawsuit troubles. However, a lot of solo lawyers get more pressure in terms of confidentiality and privileges but a lot of courts have been considering litigation funding because it encourages more justice. 

Legal Technology – Must Haves for Solo Practitioners

Technology has been going more and more advanced in this 21st century. The possibilities have been almost endless for a lot of people and for a variety of fields. One can basically do and learn most things in his or her own homes now without anyone’s help other than that of the internet. Same goes for solo practitioners who plan to start their own firms, but do not know where to start. It is not easy to flourish as a lawyer if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, legal technology has been developed to provide these solo practitioners the software or tools they need whether they are online or offline.

Legal technology has reached a lot of breakthroughs for solo practitioners. It is made simple, but very profitable for both the solo practitioners and their clients. Legal technology includes a storage cloud and a processing engine, platforms for document review and trial preparation, and a set of tools in preparing for a trial. Here are a few reasons why legal technology is a must have for solo practitioners:

  • It addresses the needs of lawyers’ everyday needs in arranging electronic data.
  • It  is very easy to use, easy to learn and promotes self-service.
  • It is easy to set up so you do not need IT professionals to help you get started.
  • It is flexible enough to survive any litigation phase and really powerful to withstand each of those phases.
  • Data is systematically integrated.
  • It gives solo practitioners a huge savings with regards to time and money.
  • It has tools that make importing or exporting data easy. Solo practitioners can now control their data whenever or wherever they go.

Everything is made easier now because of technology. If you are a solo practitioner, it is wiser to invest in legal technology and make your career or dream firm a reality.

Law School Students and the Job Market – the Economic Outlook

Legal education is obviously a tough topic to talk about. Thus, because of this notion, many people wanted to pursue Law to try how difficult, but satisfying it is. Many wanted to be a lawyer for different reasons. Whatever it is, it is surely for the better since this should be taken seriously or else you will fail.

There are several Law schools in the world. These are the schools authorized to teach legal education to a person qualified for it. Apparently, it is not easy to be a law school student. Law school students are noticeably few in number, but even if that is the case, it is not an assurance that their competition is also little in number once they start to look for work.

The Economy of Law School and the Job Market

Perceptions regarding law school students are mostly positive at times. Yet, there is this major problem faced by most of the law school students. News circulates everywhere that some law school students still don’t have work after even passing the Bar exam. Thus, this alarmed the law schools to make an action – to limit the number of students allowed to enroll Law courses.

Why can’t these lawyers be hired?

Lawyers are really important because they are the ones who knew all about the legal laws and how to make action towards it. Lawyers usually work independently.  It would be a fortunate thing if you knew a company and they would hire you as their personal lawyer. However, what if there is none? You still need to wait for someone who will ask you to be his lawyer.

New lawyers are more often than not having a hard time searching for a job. It is because the people, who wanted to seek legal help, will surely rely on those who have better experiences to handle their case. So what’s just hard is to make and establish a name. One’s you have already established a name, at no doubt, you’ll be hired again.

The Smartphone Patent War – Apple vs. Samsung – Who is Winning?

Two of the dragon companies in the world of technology are Apple and Samsung. Recently, these two have been involved in a series of lawsuits with regards to patents of their smartphones’ and tablets’ design. Here is the timeline of the lawsuits filed by both companies against each other:

  • On April 15, 2011, Apple filed a patent infringement suit against Samsung with a 38-page federal complaint in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Carolina. The case was for Samsung’s design of Epic 4G, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Nexus S. Apple sent out copies of images of their i9000 Galaxy S and iPhone 3GS for comparison.
  • On April 22, 2011, Samsung sued Apple with similar complaints in Tokyo, Mannheim, and Seoul.
  • On August 2011, Samsung and Apple were litigating nineteen pending cases in nine different countries.
  • On June 2011, Samsung sued Apple in the  United States International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington D.C,  United States District Court for the District of Delaware, Seoul’s Central District Court and  British High Court of Justice.
  • On October 2011, the cases expanded to ten countries.
  • On July 2012, Samsung and Apple were already fighting over 50 cases all around the world. Each company had several billions of damages to claim between them.
  • On August 21, 2012, Samsung sued Apple in the Tokyo District Court.
  • Apple won in the United States while Samsung won in the UK, Japan, and South Korea.
  • On June 4, 2013, Samsung was successful in giving a limited ban to Apple after violating a Samsung patent.

Complaints and cases of the two involve false designation of origin, infringement of intellectual property, unjust enrichment, unfair competition, and trademark infringement. The patent war that Apple and Samsung have been in seems to be never ending. Who do you think will be the real victor in the end?

Using Social Media Sites for Lawyer Online Marketing and Promotion

Social media sites are all the rage right now. They’re hip, they’re popular, and they’re incredibly tempting places for lawyers to go to and try to promote their websites. Many lawyers, however—especially those two or three generations removed from Generation Y—aren’t familiar with the social media sites, or whether it’s appropriate for lawyers to create profiles on them. And for a while, websites like Facebook and Twitter weren’t, in fact, great places for lawyers to migrate to: the other users of those sites weren’t looking for professional services at all. With their rise in popularity, however, social media sites are being used more and more for business purposes, and there are a number of reasons for lawyers to follow suit.

Expand your web presence. You should want your firm to be ubiquitous online: everywhere a prospective client looks, your website should be there. And with so many people on social media sites, you need to be as well. This may mean creating multiple profiles on multiple sites—and keeping them updated—and while that will take an investment in time, the enhanced visibility alone should be worth it.

Connect. Many social media sites link vast networks of people, all loosely connected. Once your firm becomes “friends” with one of those people, you’re connected as well. As businesses continue to expand into social media sites, it will become more and more common for people to use them to try and find professional services. After all, by operating within their network, they’ll be more likely to find someone trustworthy. By promoting your website, that someone is much more likely going to be you.

It will enhance your search engine rankings. Google and other search engines look at the quality and quantity of sites linking to your own: those rankings include social media sites, which are incredibly popular. By creating accounts on those social sites, you’ll be promoting your website online: even if you don’t add in any other information into your profile.

You’ll appeal to the next generation. If you’re in this business for the long haul, then cultivating the next generation of prospective clients is essential, and getting to know the ways they communicate—and being able to communicate directly with them—will only help you achieve that goal. In fact, that generation is likely to need lawyers too, and they are far more likely to try and do so online than in response to a print, radio or even television advertisement. Promoting your website in their medium—social media sites—could very well be a key to long-term success.

It’s free. All it costs is a little time to create, and then keep updated, a profile. For lawyers on tight budgets, that makes this one of the most efficient ways of promoting your website, especially if you have a network of clients and colleagues to tap into.

By using lawyer videos on social media websites, you can better utilize your professional network, provide valuable information to potential clients, and raise awareness of your firm.

Should Lawyers Blog?

Even though blogs have been around for ages, there aren’t a lot of lawyer blogs. Undoubtedly some of that is due to the fact that most lawyers work long hours and simply don’t have the downtime to create blogs, but some of it is also due to the fact that lawyers are held to a high standard of professionalism, and blogs are generally known for tawdry or frivolous content. However, there is no specific restriction against lawyers blogging, and in some cases, it can be beneficial to both the lawyer and his firm. Here are some questions to help you evaluate whether blogging is right for you.

  1. Who will read it? Before you start writing a blog, make sure that you know who your audience is. Are you writing for fellow lawyers? For prospective clients? For family members and friends who are curious about your work? Whatever the answer is, target your blog specifically at them, and stick within your niche. It’s the surest way to build up a following and to become a credible expert in your given niche. While you’re at it, make sure that it’s something that you’re interested enough in to make blogging not seem like a chore.
  2. How worried are you about your job? If you are entertaining any notions about creating an anonymous legal gossip blog, then think again if you value your career. Getting found out by senior partners will spell the end of your job, and breaking the client-attorney relationship could get you disbarred. In addition, if you offer legal advice, you could accidentally violate your state’s code of ethical conduct. Your best bet is to stay professional, and only address general questions, never getting into the specifics of a commenter’s case. In addition, be sure that you know your ethics code inside and out—and don’t blog while on the clock
  3. Will blogging lead to more clients? It all depends on the audience of your blog, but if you create an informational blog targeted at people in need of legal help, then you have a good shot at increasing your client base. Of course, you’ll also have to write genuinely helpful posts that are engaging to read, but that’s a given for any successful blog.
  4. Can I squeeze blogging into my schedule? You’ll need to write at least two (or possibly only one) blog post a week in order to generate any kind of reliable readership. It would be far better to post daily, even if they’re short (but informative) posts. If you write quickly, then you might be able to write a substantive post within an hour, but there will be times when you’ll need to spend three of four times that trying to perfectly articulate a particular thought or story. In general, blogging needs to be something of a labor of love to make it worth the time and effort involved.

Video blogging

Video blogging is still relatively new, which will make your blog stick out a bit. In addition, you’ll be able to get away with fewer posts per week, although the amount of time involved will rise accordingly. Not only that, but you’ll be able to put yourself right in front of potential clients (assuming that’s your audience), making it more likely that they’ll call you—if you impress them. If you’re already posting videos to an video directory, then you should certainly include at least one or two of them in your blog.

Do I Still Like Practising Law?

This morning, I woke up asking myself this question: Do I still like practicing law? This was a question I found hard to answer. I thought about it for a long time and after three cups of coffee, I ended up with some kind of answer. I would say yes and no. Maybe or not. Of course, or nope, you can have it.

Granted, practicing law has its perks like being able to help people and making a difference in one’s life – especially poor clients unable to afford expensive lawyers. But I sure don’t like the long hours, the nasty co counsel, the rude judges, the dwindling paycheck, the “payment plan” clients and the having to keep up with the law.

If I were to do it all over again, would I go to law school to become a lawyer? If not, what else would I do or become?  A car salesman? A pediatrician? A journalist? Well, after some thought, I think I like practicing law. I just have to be patient. There are good days and bad days. There are good clients and bad clients. I guess it’s me. Me, feeling unrewarded. Me feeling l as though I should have been a millionaire by now. Me feeling tired and burnt out. Me feeling like I need a glass of wine to relax my nerve. Me, me, me, and more me.

Chiropractors – the Personal Injury Lawyer’s Indispensable Buddy


Proving how severe a personal injury is needs a thorough evaluation of the experts. Thus, a personal injury lawyer handles a personal injury case together with his indispensable buddy – the chiropractors. Chiropractic profession is an alternative profession for health care medicine and currently, more than 100 countries all over the world practice chiropractic profession.

How Chiropractors and Personal Injury Lawyer Works Together

A personal injury chiropractor evaluates how severe your injury is immediately after you suffered it. He then helps you receive a treatment to recover from these injuries at minimal cost and at time for no cost at all. A chiropractor will document all the medical treatments done to you and all the costs he incurred for the treatment. After you are in a conscious state and ready to file a claim, he will then direct you to a personal injury lawyer who he knows will take good care of your case. He will then give the documentary evidences of your medical expenses, which are subject to claim, to your lawyer.

A personal injury lawyer will then handle your case and will help you seek compensatory expenses to the one guilty of your injury. By this, you may then recover the compensation which is righteous enough and reasonable for all damage the responsible party has done to you. These are the things you will probably recover:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical damage to property
  • Compensation for the emotional and psychological damages
  • Loss of income or even future capacity to earn

The things you will most likely recover by filing a claim against the responsible party will be beneficial to you. Thus, the personal lawyer sees to it that it is just right for you to receive such compensation. The medical expenses the responsible party will pay will then be based on the calculated expenses in the medical documents the chiropractor has given to the lawyer. The lawyer will also make sure that the chiropractor who handled your medical expenses will be given sufficient payment for his service and good deed.

Is a Personal Injury Law Practice Still What it Used to Be?


With the economy going south, being a personal injury lawyer is no longer what it used to be. These days, clients see their personal injury claim as their only way out, their ticket to financial freedom. So what do they do? They shop around for the best injury attorney they can find, hoping that said lawyer will not bungle their case.

On the other hand, practicing personal injury law is no longer what it used for lawyers. Personal injury attorneys are finding that insurance companies just don’t want settle cases without putting up a fight. In fact, in some smaller cities, even small insurance companies are retaining accident attorneys to fight cases for peanuts, while betting that plaintiff’s lawyers will opt not to file suit on a soft tissue injury case. Whether an auto accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, dental malpractice, slip and fall, truck accident practice or more, the results are still the same.

A car accident   case that used to be the bread and butter of many law firms has now become something that many attorneys have to fight for, for compensation when insurance companies are offering peanuts for the cases, forcing lawyers to file suit. And with the economy this bad, clients themselves have become quite demanding. The other day, an associate attorney was discussing his practice with a partner in the same law firm. He had a simple car accident case and so he took it and handled it routinely like any other case. His client confided in him however, that this was just not a case. This was his meal ticket out of poverty in this depressing economy. The client had lost his house due to foreclosure. He had also lost his wife due to a divorce. He was broke, busted and disgusted. He wanted his money. An he wanted it big.

Still considering going to law school to become a personal injury lawyer? I don’t’ know about you, for me, I am getting sort of discouraged.

What to do after a Serious Car Accident

Overwhelmed and confused after a serious car accident? It is understandable that you may feel stunned after this unfortunate event. If you feel lost and unsure, here are some tips that you can use if you are wondering what to do after being in a serious car accident.

Safety is the top priority.

Before anything else, you should check if everyone is in a safe condition. You should make sure that no one is injured from your party and from the other party involved. If there are injuries, no matter how small it is, call the paramedics. If there are no injuries and the accident is just a minor one, you can move the vehicles involved on the side of the road so you may not obstruct traffic. If there are major damages done or serious injuries incurred, do not move the vehicles involved aside. Just wait for the police to reach the area. If you are unsure about who is responsible for the accident, it is also best to leave the vehicles as is so the police may be able to investigate the case and resolve what happened. It is also advisable that you stay on your vehicle if you are injured.

  • Ask assistance from the police.

The police will help you investigate the case further as well as point who is liable for the serious car accident that happened. If you will be calling the police from a phone, make sure to note down the name of the officer you spoke with as well as the report number.

  • Make an exchange of information.

At this point all relevant information about the serious car accident is vital. It would be useful to make an exchange information with the other party involved. Note down the name, address, phone number, insurance company provider, insurance policy number, and license number of the other party’s number. Do not forget to note down their vehicle’s plate number as well. You may also write a description of the other vehicle as well as its model, color, make and the damages it incurred.

  • Look for witnesses as early as possible.

Immediately look for witnesses. As much as possible, get their name and address or other contact information for reference. You may also ask them to stay behind so they may be able to give their statements about the case to the investigating police officer. However, if the witnesses need to go, ask for their contact details so they may be interviewed later on.

  • Take pictures and make your own record of information      and data about the incident.

Pictures are also good evidence. Photograph the scene of the accident and take pictures of the damages that both vehicles received. If you can include the plate number of the vehicles while taking pictures. If you also can, take pictures of the other driver or the passengers involved. Personally record and note vital information relevant to the serious car accident. Write down details of the accident as you recall them. Try to remember things like weather, lighting conditions, and the likes.

  • Notify your insurance provider or call a lawyer for      your serious car accident claim.

Notifying your insurance provider will be a good move to make, but if you are planning on hiring a lawyer for this case, it would be best to call him or her first to discuss the details of the issue.


Satellite Offices – Why They Matter for Personal Injury Attorneys

One effective way to market a solo practice is to join highly credible organizations. These organizations are established to build a group of individuals who are in the same profession to handle standard, but satisfactory services to its clients by putting up satellite offices in different places.

Satellite offices are common for the personal injury attorneys since they usually join profession-related organizations. This is one way to start in the industry or even maintain a credible status for years.

Why satellite offices are important to personal injury attorneys?

A personal injury attorney, who joins in an organization, binds himself to how his services should be offered to a client. He then has his own office known as the satellite office of the organization in a particular place, geography, or territory. Satellite offices are commonly established to reach underserved areas or expand market shares.

Satellite offices are important to the personal injury attorneys because this serves as their primary business place wherein they will conduct their service most of the times. This is the office wherein the clients can go if ever they wanted to seek legal assistance primarily because of the lawyer or because of the organization the lawyer is known into.

Why should there be satellite offices?

Though putting up a satellite office may increase cost, there are also several reasons why organizations put up satellite offices.

  • To spread and standardize the objectives of an organization by giving standard and satisfactory services in different locations.
  • To enhance the reputation, perception, and credibility easily.
  • To reach out for the clients, not the clients to reach a service in an inconvenient place.

Satellite offices are built by most organizations especially for the personal injury attorneys to cater the legal concerns of most people. However, this involves a higher risk for an organizational downturn if ever a member fails to exemplary do his duty.

How To Use Law Firm Videos To Market A Law Practice

It is now absolutely difficult to survive in any business if you do not have online presence; however even if have a website it should also definitely have some of your law firm videos that are interesting to watch as these can convey more to your potential client than mere words on the webpage.

If you are looking for an edge over others in the market you must seriously look for people who can shoot interesting videos for you as you can tell in a short span of time the increase in your business through law firm video marketing. A lot of times clients can feel a little anxious in meeting you in person for the first time especially those who do not have any idea of how the law or court proceedings take place. Such clients find law firm videos very useful since it answers a lot of their basic questions thus giving them the confidence of taking the next step which is about fixing an appointment with the lawyer. On the other hand the lawyers in your firm save time by not wasting the first meeting in clearing simple doubts but rather utilize the meeting to understand the case thoroughly and having the contract signed.

The law firm videos give you the opportunity to show off the impressive personality and communication skill of your capable lawyers. You can assure the clients about the compassion you have for them and how you will stick with them through any situation. Words can convey only so much hence clients find law firm videos more reassuring. Moreover people who are looking for lawyers to fight cases relating to injury or criminal law are more convinced by the personality of the lawyer than anything else. Thus law firm video marketing helps you transfer this information to potential clients even before they step into your office. There are various people who find it simply easier to get the information through watching law firm videos instead of reading through so much textual matter. You must also understand that law firm video marketing will improve your rankings on any search engine result pages. A searcher will almost always choose to visit the site with videos rather than the one that only has text.

Now for effective law firm video marketing it is also important that you have on the homepage a video that talks generally about all your specializations and background etc. and have separate videos that gives details about specific fields like divorce, custody etc. The video on the web page gives the client a good experience resulting in a favorable impression of your firm. However the production quality of the law firm videos must be high to have the required edge; an unimpressive video without any graphics and inadequate information is bound to make your visitor immediately switch over to another webpage.


Using A Legal Forum To Get Free Legal Information

The law can be complicated for most of us and hence the usual practice was to seek advice by meeting legal experts such as lawyers and paying a fee for it. However the world has shrunk into a small village thanks to the help of the net thus finding legal information is now not only easy but free too.
In order to find lawyers with experience and good reputation we have to do some research or ask friends, colleagues or family. Today this can also be done through plenty of online legal forum that are abound with advice on every topic that can make you approach the court and also to choose the best lawyer. Topics on these forums range from tax laws, wills, property law, immigration law, starting a nonprofit organization, employment law to traffic tickets laws and everything else under the sun bound by the laws of the land.

The online law forum not only helps you learn about the field of law you are interested in but also offers details of lawyers which you can choose based on their specialty and also their location. You are free to view any lawyer’s profile and make your choice. The profile of lawyers helps in understanding the kind of experience a particular lawyer has so you know whether you can trust the person or not with your case. There are legal videos that let you watch a lawyer speak. There are videos that explain the basics of the law of your area of interest and articles and government resources.

The online legal forum lets you join blogs that discuss topics of varied areas and where you can choose your interest and put across questions of any nature that you did not know where and how to ask. The testimonials of past clients of the firm or lawyer also help you in making the right decision. In short a lot of the basic questions that you can ask a lawyer only by making an appointment and paying a significant amount as consultation fee are answered for free on a legal forum.

The online forums not only answer your question once as lawyers would but you can ponder over the first information and come back again and again with doubts and questions which results in you making the appropriate decision in not only choosing the right lawyer but also the fact whether you should approach the court or not. All recent news and updates are there on the forum free for you to know as much as possible all facts relevant to your case. In situations where you have already hired a lawyer but are not happy with the performance on your case you can demand better work based on the information gathered by you on a legal forum.


Immigration Deportation Reasons and What One Can Do

  • Committed a crime.
  • Created false information and pretended that he was a US citizen when applying for citizenship.
  • Passport has already expired.
  • Has invalid immigration visa.
  • Stayed more than the time permitted by proper authorization.
  • Created false documents.
  • Voted illegally on any state, county, local government, etc.
  • Involved in a deportable felony.
  • Failed to register at the right time.

There are a lot more reasons for an immigration deportation and there are a lot of ways to relieve someone from being totally deported as the immigration and naturalization law indicates. However, not everyone is given that second chance and thereby given a forced exit from the USA with five to twenty year restriction.

Many people who went under the same circumstances are asking the same question, “What do I do now after being deported from the US by immigration officials? Will I be able to go back in the shortest time?” The answer is, yes. Here is a list of some ways to get possible re-entry:

  • Complete immigration Form I-212 and request for a special permission to lift the punishment earlier.
  • Find a way to show that being deported from the USA will cause extreme hardship to someone (a close relative, child, parent, spouse, or friend).
  • Hire a lawyer to smoothen out the complications. Contact an immigration lawyer to help you in your case.

Being deported is not easy so make sure to follow the laws and guidelines to ensure that this does not happen to you. The hassle and money that you are going to waste is not worth it if you could just be a good citizen of the country that you are staying. It is advisable to seek a good immigration lawyer or deportation defense attorney.

Business Immigration


Businesses in the United States must follow strict rules and regulations when they hire any new employee. A business owner must be extremely careful when they hire a person who is not a U.S. citizen. This is when it is important to consult with an immigration lawyer to make certain everything you do is accurate and legal. This will protect you in the future.

Business owners are aware that hiring a foreign national means meeting some strict requirements. If you fail to comply with the laws then you can face serious problems. You might also face stiff penalties. If you first hire an immigration attorney you will not have this worry. Hiring a foreign national by following all of the correct rules and regulations will not only save you worry and concern it will also save your business money from failing to meet all of the U.S. laws.

Business owners must understand that they cannot hire someone off the street that does not meet each requirement in order to work in the U.S. For example, there are a number of visas an alien can have in order to gain employment in the United States. The most popular of these visas include the “E,” “H-1B,” and “L.” Each one of these visas has criteria which qualifies the future employee to work. Each of these visas has very specific requirements. For example,  the “E-1.” This category is for International Traders or investors.  Holders of this visa would have the nationality of a country that has a treaty of trade and commerce with the U.S.

The “H-1B” visa applies to those persons with university degrees. These people must work in a specialty occupation that requires a degree or its equivalence. These occupations include accountants, computer jobs, engineers, and so forth. The “L-1” is the Intra company Transferee Visa. This is for people employed outside the U.S. for at least one year out of the previous three years by a company. There are a number of other visas available. This is why it is so important to contact an immigration lawyer to make certain your business hires the candidate that fully qualifies for one of these visas.

It is also important to hire an immigration attorney if you intend to employ a person with a permanent residence card. There are specific requirements any business must follow in order to hire such an employee. For example, you must have a job description that clearly states the specific skills necessary for the person you choose to hire. You must also have a recruitment plan that first searches for a U.S. worker. This notice must be posted for 30 days with the state workforce agency. It is very specific that your ad must appear in two Sunday newspapers. There must be other areas you have used to publicize your job opening such as a job fair. This is just a part of the requirements to fully meet the permanent resident hiring.

It is essential that any business hire a reputable immigration lawyer before hiring an alien  worker; otherwise the employer may face many difficulties in the future.immigration Lawyer Atlanta

Obtaining Compensation In Wrongful Death Cases

There can be no substitute for the grief and pain which you might be feeling due to the loss of a loved one especially if the death is not natural but due to somebody else’s fault. Therefore it is normal that your thoughts and actions may not be exactly targeted at practicalities of life for your future well being. Hence try to find a good wrongful death lawyer before proceeding.

The US law allows the spouse, children, parents and blood relatives to claim damages in a lawsuit. A wrongful death attorney can help you get your just monetary compensation which is calculated by considering all the after effects of the death of the person in question.

You can file suits in order to seek compensation for all the medical expenses which might have been incurred for the expired person before death; the expenses for funeral; the income that would have been earned in the non-eventuality of death and of course for the extreme pain felt after the loss of a loved one. However the monetary compensation for wrongful death is not so easy to get as is shown in the movies; but a wrongful death lawyer will help you in framing your case in the appropriate manner that will prove negligence on the part of the party that caused the death through negligence. In some cases there is a time limit within which the case must be filed in order to obtain just compensation hence the importance of contacting a wrongful death attorney immediately after the accident is of the utmost importance.

A wrongful death can be due to a car, train or a plane accident or deaths of children due to any faulty toys made by any particular company and even some food product companies can be held liable if proved that death occurred due to wrong ingredients or improper information on label that may have been triggered allergies etc. Although some situations are easy to prove there are some cases which only experienced wrongful death lawyers possessing the ability to present in a convincing manner can help you. Take some time in going through the profiles of various attorneys and you will be sure to find a wrongful death lawyer suitable for your case. You will find wrongful death lawyers here so it does not matter where you are at the moment. Wrongful death attorneys here understand the anguish left by the passing away of a loved one especially an earning member of the family. The wrongful death attorney will help you in dealing with insurance companies and not leave a single detail of the life of the deceased unnoticed or undocumented. See this website


Tips on Hiring A Good Medical Malpractice Lawyer

It sometimes happens that your loved one or you might be suffering with any injury or illness due to various reasons for which you may have to be hospitalized for intensive health care to recover. But in some cases, due to the negligence or medical malpractice of doctors or hospital your illness or injury would have worsened that may even push you to death. In such cases you may require the help of a medical malpractice lawyer who would defend for your rights to get the compensation and quick recovery.

There may be certain circumstances due to medical malpractice that you may permanently or temporarily become physically unfit to work to lead your normal life and that might even lead you to emotional pain in spite of expensive medical treatment and bills. In this condition it becomes important to hire an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who would rightly help you. However before you hire a lawyer for medical malpractice there are certain things that you must consider to get a convincing compensation for your health loss.

There are many medical malpractice lawyers you can find online who are successfully practicing, experienced and can quickly help you at the right time. But while you decide to hire, the most important thing that you must consider are: the lawyer must be well experienced and should represent the client in every aspect dealing with lawsuits. The lawyer must be capable of providing you the realistic estimation of your compensation money that you would get on settlement of the case. Moreover he must be charge you the legal fee that is reasonable.

The medical malpractice lawyer must also make you feel confident and comfortable about the case. The lawyer must have good skills to represent the case in any situation. However it is imperative for you to meet the lawyer personally for an initial consultation before you hire him. Intact the lawyer must be capable of providing aggressive representation and have enough resources for representing the claim.

It also becomes essential before you hire a medical malpractice lawyer to find for his positive testimonials from his previous client base. By knowing this you can ensure that the lawyer would successfully deal with your case and get the claim quickly. Moreover, you must also ensure that the cases he represented for medical malpractice resulted successfully. The medical malpractice lawyer whom you have decided to hire must be associated with some law associations. Nevertheless, he must be capable of explaining you all the aspects and legal process of the case clearly to you. The most important thing that you must ensure is that the lawyer must have adequate time to represent your case and legal matter and should not lack with time to get claim quickly.

How A Felony Lawyer Can Assist The Accused

Felonies are crimes that result in punishment of more than one year. If charged with a felony, you have the right to a jury trial. Felony charges are made in cases of murder, robbery, treason, burglary, rape, and kidnapping or more. Marijuana possession can even be a felony depending on the amount you posses and your former related convictions. A felony lawyer may be able to prevent you from being convicted of a felony if it is shown that the defendant lacked a “guilty mind” or did not commit a “guilty act”. The felony attorney will analyze the defendant’s state of mind according to the model penal code terms of negligence, recklessness, knowledge, and purpose.

A felony lawyer may be able to negotiate a plea bargain, which is an agreement between the defense and the prosecution to secure a guilty verdict in exchange for lesser punishment or charges. A plea bargain can get you lower fines, fewer charges, a shorter term in prison, or maybe even some dropped charges. The one thing the defendant should be aware of before he accepts a plea bargain is that he is waiving the rights of trial by jury, the right to cross-examine his accuser, and the right to not incriminate himself. Because of plea bargains, few felony cases actually go to trial.

There are some things the defendant should know about how felonies can affect the rest of his or her life. If convicted by jury or plea, the felony conviction will be on his or her criminal record for life. Expungement of the record is possible over time, but it is difficult to attain in many cases.

Here are a list of ways that a felony conviction can affect a person:

Felons may not be eligible to receive public assistance or financial aid. Loss or inability to obtain professional licenses such as medical and educational. Difficulty securing employment. Ineligibility to travel to foreign countries or become a naturalized citizen. Lack of credibility in public testimony. Felons may be ineligible to vote or run for office. Ineligibility to own or possess guns and weapons. Ineligibility for security clearances for government jobs.

Felons should contact a felony attorney to plan for life after a felony conviction.

Perhaps the most severe effect of a felony conviction is the difficulty of securing employment. A felon’s criminal record can be seen by potential creditors and employers. Many employers will not hire a convicted felon. If a prospective employer asks if a felon has been convicted of a felony, they are required to answer. However, felons may or may not be required to tell their current employer. They should consult a felony lawyer to know how to handle such situations.

In summary, you’ve learned what a felony is, how it is determined, how it affects a person’s life and how a felony attorney can secure plea bargains and do general consultations. Perhaps the most painful aspect of a felony conviction is the difficulty of attaining employment after a conviction. A felony attorney can guide a convicted felon to help them know how to communicate their criminal history to prospective employers.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Anyone who has recently suffered serious financial headaches due to loss of job or decrease in monthly pay has probably heard all the advice they need from family, an ex-brother-in-law, neighbors and the guy on the adjacent stool at your local drinking establishment about what to do to solve your dilemma. The financial pressure is really on if you begin to lag behind on several mortgage and car payments. If you’re the annuitant of this scenario and wish to assuage your fears of losing everything you own including the shirt off your back, best you eschew all the aforementioned suggestions and get back to what your best options are for you and your family before you think about packing up and moving to the nearest boxcar or homeless shelter.

At this stage of the game, your best consideration for a possible solution is the yellow pages. You heard right. Please find your local directory and turn to the law section where you see the words: bankruptcy lawyers or bankruptcy attorneys. Hold on. Calm down. You’re only looking to contact bankruptcy lawyers or bankruptcy attorneys for advice as to what you’re next move should be. And since the new bankruptcy law came into effect in 2005 it may be a bit harder to file than in years prior to 2005. Also, locating reliable, friendly and affordable bankruptcy lawyers or bankruptcy attorneys may be harder to find and, perhaps, a tad bit more expensive. Many years ago lawyers who specialized in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy were like ants at a lakeside picnic; around every corner near a courthouse. Today, not so much.

Before addressing new laws, you should know the filing process. It starts with a petition that includes your income, description of property, if any, debt exempt property, monthly living expenses, money you spent in the past 24 months and/or any property you gave away during that period. You will also need a complete list of all your creditors, the type of claim and debt amount. These are all put together in a file and later given to your new attorney who will review your information and subsequently file in bankruptcy court on your behalf. The good news is once filed in the court, your attorney will be issued an “automatic stay” which legally prevents any creditors or collection agencies from hassling you. The bad news is it could take up to 2 months to get on the court docket.

Some 2005 changes would be: restricted eligibility for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings which usually applies to those with higher incomes who would have to pass the “means test.” Check with your attorney on this. Another new Chapter 7 filing law is counseling requirements which will determine whether you really need to file for bankruptcy versus an optional repayment plan to help get you back on your feet. However, if it’s determined you are a repayment plan candidate, you’ll need a certificate showing you completed the counseling before your attorney can file.

Litigating Divorce and Family Issues

The meaning of Divorce Litigation is the legal process when the couple or two parties require divorce but do not agree on certain terms and conditions. There are many countries where the litigation problems are faced. Few countries like Philippines do not have the rules of divorce hence there are no problems of litigation exits.

Most of the divorce litigation cases are handled by the family lawyers. The court operates in a very limited jurisdiction and they are sorted out in the family courts. When compared with the criminal and civil cases these courts are smaller and handle only the cases of family disputes especially of divorce.

The family lawyer appointed is a specialist in dealing with the divorce cases. Hence the parties or the couples get more time from their lawyers to deal with the cases. The cases are disposed faster as compared to other courts because they have a backlog to be cleared and hence the parties get faster justice. The family attorneys face the problem of divorce litigation only in the cases when either of the spouses is not able to accept the settlement terms and conditions. The cases where the spouses easily agree to the terms and conditions the problem of litigation does not exist.

In case of family issues where the couples or the two parties file for divorce the family lawyers draft the agreement after discussion with both the partners. The draft is then submitted in the family court. The courts goes through the draft and give their reviews; they also check with the parties whether they agree with the terms and conditions and in case of positive reply they instruct the family lawyer that the same is approved and the couple can go ahead with the divorce. divorce lawyer Atlanta

The family attorneys have to face the problem of litigation when the couple or the spouses cannot agree upon the alimony money paid like the providing support to the spouse, custody of the children, property distribution. These issues create problems where they cannot reach to a consensus. In such cases the litigation is filed and the matter is settled by the court. When the litigation case proceeds in the court both the partners have to come up with required evidence and witness and required documents to support their cases. The court relies on the evidences and then gives a final verdict on the litigation cases.

The experts suggest that in case of divorce it is always better to go for mediation rather than litigation because of the disadvantages it follows. The money spend on fighting the case is very huge. All your assets and even the children have to face the public wrath which mentally and physically torturing for the spouses, children and all other family members. Marietta divorce