Edward Snowden NSA Leaks – Am I Being Monitored?

Phones – from telephones to the latest mobile phones – have changed the life of many people today. Phones made it easier for people to connect to their loved ones who are far away or business partners all over the world. The existence of phones has immensely helped communication become easier and lighter today.

On top of that, the internet has also made communication easier by means of electronic messaging or what is popularly known as e-mails. Email providers such as Yahoo! and Gmail backs up many e-mail accounts that people use today. However, the privacy and security of the conversations and messages made since their existence are being shaken because of the National Security Agency Leaks or NSA Leaks spreading on the internet.

Because of the NSA Leaks, many people are now wondering whether their conversations and messages are being monitored and their privacy rights are being violated.

What are these so-called NSA Leaks?

According to some information, circulating the internet today, specifically those leaked by a whistleblower named Edward Snowden, NSA allegedly has intercepted millions of user information from Yahoo! and Google – and this count is for just one day. According to the leaked information, NSA does this each day.

Snowden also exposed that NSA has been monitoring phone calls of about 35 leaders worldwide after they have received their contacts from another United States government official from a different department.

Knowing about these NSA Leaks, people are now growing worried and anxious about their privacy being easily invaded. Many are now feeling insecure about every message that they send or every phone call that they make. There is always this lingering feeling that anything that they may say or type as message can be used against them. So, if you are going to ask, “Am I being monitored?” – well, it is not impossible.