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Should Lawyers Blog?

Should Lawyers Blog? Even though blogs have been around for ages, there aren’t a lot of lawyer blogs. Undoubtedly some of that is due to the fact that most lawyers work long hours and simply don’t have the downtime to create blogs, but some of it is also due to the fact that lawyers are held to a high standard of professionalism, and blogs are generally known for tawdry or frivolous content. However, there is no specific restriction against lawyers blogging, and in some cases, it can be beneficial to both the lawyer and his firm. Here are some questions to help you evaluate whether blogging is right for you. read more

Branding: Not Just For the Large Law Firms

Branding: Not Just For the Large Law Firms

Many firms, especially small ones, think that branding is only the province of large corporations or huge law firms, but they couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is, every law firm—and every solo practice—needs to think about its branding. After all, anyone who has heard of your firm has some kind of opinion about it, whether it’s positive, negative or indifferent. And whether you plan to or not, every time your firm appears in the news, or advertises in a local paper or gets a visitor to its website, you’re helping shape that opinion. Rather than do so haphazardly, you may as well take your time to consider how you want your firm to be perceived, and devise a plan to help you get there. You may as well, in other words, attempt to brand your firm. Here are some tips on how to do so effectively. read more

How Attorneys Can Make Their Web Videos Count

If you’re already hosting your videos online and you’re not getting the results you expected, then you might need to adjust your strategy. Online marketing isn’t always intuitive and there are some common mistakes made by law firms. And if you’re just starting the process of shooting them, then be sure to incorporate the tips below into your planning.

  1. Your videos shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. Yes, they’re  useful tools, but they’re most effective in concert with other marketing      campaigns. Work to time the release of your videos with your other      marketing efforts—for example, radio advertisements or print      advertisements. You should also consider about whether some of your      printed materials should reference them.
  2. Don’t fall into the trap of making your videos too  direct. Unless they’re incredibly funny, potential clients don’t go online      to view advertisements; they go online for information about their legal      problems. Instead of giving them a hard sell through your video, why not      give a taste of the kind of advice you’ll provide when you represent them?      They’ll be pleased, and will at a minimum think well of your firm—if not      hire you straight away.
  3. Publicize your new videos. At a minimum, send emails to      your target list and to your media contacts when you upload new videos.      Better yet, work with other websites and blogs to try and get them to link      to—or even host—them as well. The more points of entry you provide for      your videos, the more mileage you’ll get out of them.
  4. Vary the types of videos you use. Instead of having all      your videos feature attorneys speaking directly to the camera, why not use      former clients? Prospective clients love to hear from people who have gone      through the same hardships they have—and come out on the other side      smiling.
  5. Make sure that you have a system in place for tracking      your visitors. While your videos may not have attracted any new leads,      that doesn’t mean that no one’s watching them. Given the low overhead,      simply increasing the traffic to your website and building some brand      recognition is likely enough to provide you a return on your investment.      Obviously, attracting new clients is the end goal, but at least you’ll      know if anything about your current campaign is working—and have a better      idea of how to improve it.
  6. Consider changing the location of your videos. Are they      clearly marked on the homepage of your website? Are they buried at the      bottom of a webpage? Most viewers don’t spend much time on the websites      they visit, and you want to make sure that they see your videos — or at      least that you have them.

By incorporating these tips, your firm can help make the most out of the videos you worked so hard to create. And if yours is one of the shrinking minority of firms that aren’t using online videos, then what are you waiting for? read more

Do Lawyers Still Need SEO Companies Post Google Panda and Penguin?

The Law industry has been very competitive and people are becoming more wary of scams and frauds to handle their sensitive cases. More clients seek out the help of the internet to check on the quality and credentials of a certain law firm before finally deciding if the firm is worthy of the trust and the money they are going to invest in for their cases.

Google Panda and Google Penguin are two SEO-related updates from Google since 2012. Now, law firms are ranked more properly by strictly enforcing guidelines. Google penalizes and punishes anybody who violates the policies in terms of pushing up the ranking of websites. It is getting more comprehensive, thorough and precise. And this is where SEO companies get in the picture to help lawyers increase their ranking. So if you want your firm to stay on board, it is a must that you work with SEO experts that are very knowledgeable in Google+ Local. read more

Using Social Media Sites for Lawyer Online Marketing and Promotion

Social media sites are all the rage right now. They’re hip, they’re popular, and they’re incredibly tempting places for lawyers to go to and try to promote their websites. Many lawyers, however—especially those two or three generations removed from Generation Y—aren’t familiar with the social media sites, or whether it’s appropriate for lawyers to create profiles on them. And for a while, websites like Facebook and Twitter weren’t, in fact, great places for lawyers to migrate to: the other users of those sites weren’t looking for professional services at all. With their rise in popularity, however, social media sites are being used more and more for business purposes, and there are a number of reasons for lawyers to follow suit. read more