Is a Personal Injury Law Practice Still What it Used to Be?

With the economy going south, being a personal injury lawyer is no longer what it used to be. These days, clients see their personal injury claim as their only way out, their ticket to financial freedom. So what do they do? They shop around for the best injury attorney they can find, hoping that said lawyer will not bungle their case.

On the other hand, practicing personal injury law is no longer what it used for lawyers. Personal injury attorneys are finding that insurance companies just don’t want settle cases without putting up a fight. In fact, in some smaller cities, even small insurance companies are retaining accident attorneys to fight cases for peanuts, while betting that plaintiff’s lawyers will opt not to file suit on a soft tissue injury case. Whether an auto accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, dental malpractice, slip and fall, truck accident practice or more, the results are still the same.

A car accident   case that used to be the bread and butter of many law firms has now become something that many attorneys have to fight for, for compensation when insurance companies are offering peanuts for the cases, forcing lawyers to file suit. And with the economy this bad, clients themselves have become quite demanding. The other day, an associate attorney was discussing his practice with a partner in the same law firm. He had a simple car accident case and so he took it and handled it routinely like any other case. His client confided in him however, that this was just not a case. This was his meal ticket out of poverty in this depressing economy. The client had lost his house due to foreclosure. He had also lost his wife due to a divorce. He was broke, busted and disgusted. He wanted his money. An he wanted it big.

Still considering going to law school to become a personal injury lawyer? I don’t’ know about you, for me, I am getting sort of discouraged.