Using Social Media Sites for Lawyer Online Marketing and Promotion

Social media sites are all the rage right now. They’re hip, they’re popular, and they’re incredibly tempting places for lawyers to go to and try to promote their websites. Many lawyers, however—especially those two or three generations removed from Generation Y—aren’t familiar with the social media sites, or whether it’s appropriate for lawyers to create profiles on them. And for a while, websites like Facebook and Twitter weren’t, in fact, great places for lawyers to migrate to: the other users of those sites weren’t looking for professional services at all. With their rise in popularity, however, social media sites are being used more and more for business purposes, and there are a number of reasons for lawyers to follow suit.

Expand your web presence. You should want your firm to be ubiquitous online: everywhere a prospective client looks, your website should be there. And with so many people on social media sites, you need to be as well. This may mean creating multiple profiles on multiple sites—and keeping them updated—and while that will take an investment in time, the enhanced visibility alone should be worth it.

Connect. Many social media sites link vast networks of people, all loosely connected. Once your firm becomes “friends” with one of those people, you’re connected as well. As businesses continue to expand into social media sites, it will become more and more common for people to use them to try and find professional services. After all, by operating within their network, they’ll be more likely to find someone trustworthy. By promoting your website, that someone is much more likely going to be you.

It will enhance your search engine rankings. Google and other search engines look at the quality and quantity of sites linking to your own: those rankings include social media sites, which are incredibly popular. By creating accounts on those social sites, you’ll be promoting your website online: even if you don’t add in any other information into your profile.

You’ll appeal to the next generation. If you’re in this business for the long haul, then cultivating the next generation of prospective clients is essential, and getting to know the ways they communicate—and being able to communicate directly with them—will only help you achieve that goal. In fact, that generation is likely to need lawyers too, and they are far more likely to try and do so online than in response to a print, radio or even television advertisement. Promoting your website in their medium—social media sites—could very well be a key to long-term success.

It’s free. All it costs is a little time to create, and then keep updated, a profile. For lawyers on tight budgets, that makes this one of the most efficient ways of promoting your website, especially if you have a network of clients and colleagues to tap into.

By using lawyer videos on social media websites, you can better utilize your professional network, provide valuable information to potential clients, and raise awareness of your firm.